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Medical Tourism for Surfers Ear Surgery


 Dr Martin Young, South African ENT Surgeon and Leading Advocate for the 
Chisel Method for treating Surfers Ear

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Exostosis / surfers ear causes progressive narrowing of the ear canal, trapping water, ear wax and other debris, leading to painful and repeated ear infections and hearing loss. There is an ideal period after onset of symptoms and before complete canal closure where the surgery is less challenging and recovery is fastest.

Dr. Martin Young is a distinguished ear, nose, and throat specialist based in Knysna, South Africa, renowned for his expertise in treating Surfers Ear. Specializing in the innovative chisel method surgery, Dr. Young has become a leader in addressing the challenges faced by water sport enthusiasts. Practicing in Knysna and across the Western Cape, he has dedicated his career to helping individuals suffering from Surfers Ear, a condition common among surfers due to prolonged exposure to cold water and wind. Dr. Young's mastery in Surfers Ear surgery has brought relief to countless patients, providing effective and minimally invasive solutions. His commitment to advancing surgical techniques and prioritizing patient care has solidified his reputation as a top ENT surgeon.

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